You own the fans. Why not own the website and the revenue, as well?

How models went from being on LiveJasmin, Chaturbate, or OnlyFans to having their own personal website where they get 3x more money. Amateur models went from making $3,000 to $5,000 a month in 3 weeks.

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Meet Alice!

She went from operating only on Chaturbate to having her own site. This meant that for the organic audience she had, she could operate on a platform that includes much lower platform commissions and a closer connection to her followers. Also, it was important for her to have the ability to live stream (her main business) but also have purchasable content, as on OnlyFans.

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SoloCam is your own platform, with monetary optimization tools that are mostly for streamers that have loyal followers.

Learn what is the most important factor

Your audience is the key.

When you have this amazing audience on social media, that loves and adores you, it’s the biggest asset that no one can steal.

If you own a supercar like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, or an amazing house on the beach in Bali, you wouldn’t want to share those with other strangers and have people taking a walk in your home and stealing 50% or more out of it, right? We bet your audience doesn't want it either.

The Solution

How to grow? And have more money?

   You can achieve additional revenue using a website that has all you need, takes the lowest commissions possible, and does not steal your organic traffic.

Your audience deserves it.

There is no possibility that you will be able to make your own software solution with live streaming with picture and video selling., as the usual costs to create this complex IT platform and to handle the payment processing, are really high. That is why we created a white-labeled platform for models that will cost you nothing.

The solution merges the following features:

Live shows like: LiveJasmin | Chaturbate
Content like: OnlyFans | ManyVids
Social like: Linktree | Messenger

Our mission is to support independent models into owning their fans thus directly monetizing their content

Learn more about why we are the best team for you.
Who are we?

We Are SoloCam

Our team has been delivering custom live videochat solutions since 2007. Before we offered a complete solution to build a cam site, with multiple streamers, and we soon realized those platform owners are happy with the income they are making and the real issue is for the streamers and models that operate on them. They do almost all the work and everyone else piggy banks on their revenue.

Normally, as a live cam model, you get to a studio that runs all the logistics for you, you get online on one or multiple sites and start chatting. The outcome is that the cam sites get up to 50% of your revenue.

More success stories - Independent performers
that doubled their revenue with SoloCam

Through SoloCam, Maria has faster and more direct contact with her followers and thus, is able to convert more. Also, there are no other distractions on the site for her audience, like on the major platforms where she competes with thousands of streamers for attention.

Let's talk about your future platform.

Your SoloCam website can be translated and localized in the following languages:
English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Main features

Live Streaming

Live Streaming with multiple room types, pay per minute and tips
- valued at $50,000

Private Messenger

Integrated instant private messenger, between members and you
- valued at $30,000

Content gallery

Media gallery with purchasable content, where users can save their favorite resources in their account
- valued at $20,000


The focus of the whole platform is on you, from social features to account management and user engagement
- valued at $25,000

Smallest commission in the industry: 20%

Creating all these features from scratch and building your own solution, would get you to a total cost of $125,000. Instead of this, we are proud to be taking the smallest commission possible in the market and offer our solution for free.


Your personal streamer account
10,000 user accounts

All features available
Complete Software Setup

Default branding Integration
Unique subdomain integration

Email Support (3 days response time)
Software Updates
Always new features
IT Maintenance & Hosting already included

Your income:
80% of everything you earn on the platform

Free to start
No credit card data required. Create an account, send all the details and kick-off. It all takes only 5 minutes.

Your personal streamer account
10,000 user accounts

All features available
Complete Software Setup

Custom font, colors and logo
Custom domain configuration

Premium Chat Support (1 day response time)
Software Updates
Always new features
IT Maintenance & Hosting already included

Your income:
80% of everything you earn on the platform

LIMITED to 25 new premium accounts/month
€99 / month
Reach out to check the availability for this package. Also, feel free to create a free account, you can activate this service later.

We also have an affiliate system that allows you to refer other models and get a 5% commission out of all their income. Of course, from our own 20% - they will not be impacted at all!

step by step

How to start?


Get a personal SoloCam-page

This is the public space that will put you in the center of attention. You need a solution to have all you need to operate. Just confirm with your ID that you are an adult / 18 years old.

Upload content.

Upload the content that you created and let your users buy it or have it for free. They will be able to save it into their account and access it anytime.


Go live & deliver.

Get you audience to your new personal site. Start streaming live and have pay-per-minute shows, just like on major live cam platforms. Sell your pictures and videos and get tips.

Get payouts.

Just as normal live cam or content sites, we make payouts weekly to you. You are protected from chargebacks and don't need to deal with all the paperwork required.

Integrations and partners

So you can get your money

These are the institutions through which we currently payout.
Reach out to get your own one integrated.

What do we guarantee?

Premium support & more

You will get personal support with one dedicated support manager, who will help you when needed. Also, we will open up our SoloCam university soon. Stay tuned for help content and videos.

We take care of the tech part

Finally! A platform that takes care of everything. You just need to charm your audience and we'll take care of the rest: scalability, updates, anti-fraud, security, bugs.

2 monthly payouts

No minimum sum is required, for the beginning. We will be making payouts twice a month. In case you have credit on your account and really need a faster transfer, reach out and we can get it done quicker.

What are my advantages?

Why SoloCam & OnlyFans?

SoloCam is the perfect tool for your hardcore OnlyFans-fans. You can deliver focused content about you, in a distraction-free zone. You will not have any competition around you, so your clients stay focused on you and will spend money only on you. Furthermore, with SoloCam you will have an advanced live streaming possibility.

Why SoloCam & LiveJasmin?

With SoloCam you can bring over your loyal clients. And get a much bigger cut.LiveJasmin is one of the platforms with the most traffic, but also with the highest revenue share cut. In case you have loyal customers, it is wise to bring them on your SoloCam account, of course from your social media.

Why SoloCam & ManyVids?

SoloCam brings you a personalized page, which is perfectly complementary to your ManyVids account. Furthermore, your revenue share at SoloCam is higher. This is the perfect landing page for your most loyal fans of ManyVids. With the 80% revenue remaining in your pocket, you will see fast-growing numbers and a return on your work.

Why SoloCam &

If you are using, you can have SoloCam in a second window open, and bring loyal customers to your personal platform. The huge advantage of the SoloCam system is the high revenue you remain with after the service commission. This advantage can be enormous when having already a bunch of clients coming back to you.

Why SoloCam & Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is taking 40% to 50% of your revenue, so SoloCam is the perfect additional system or your only system for having your own live show, in a distraction-free environment for your clients. Especially when you have already loyal customers, can this leverage your opportunities and grow revenue.

Why SoloCam & anything?

With SoloCam you can guide traffic from your Social Media platforms to monetize it more efficiently, based on the important aspect: they are your fans. Build a community around you, your brand with your amazing content. Your following will love you more.

Most asked questions
of the community

Why do we take 20% commission?

We have to cover the costs of high-risk payment processing, hosting, IT developers, traffic, and marketing for the SoloCam platform. These are the costs of running our business. Our revenue is only a 20% commission, out of which we remain with a few percentages in profit. So we are quite interested in making you more successful. Because then we will more successful, too. Hence this is why we are focused to deliver you all the tools you need.

What is next after I submit the "Get started free" form?

After you register and confirm you email - you will be immediately taken to your unique platform. It will be deployed exclusively for you and you will be able to access it in seconds. From there, you will log in with the same details you put in the "Get started free" form and you will begin our onboarding process. It should take about 5 minutes to complete, after which, you can start streaming and uploading content.

What is next?

We are releasing weekly newsletters to inform our network about the upcoming features we plan to add based on community feedback. As soon as you register, you will be kept in the loop about what extra functionalities we implement and how we try to always put you in the first place. Of course, all updates will be done seamlessly without you or your audience noticing anything.

We plan to expand our reach to other industries as well - so that we create a community of wonderful creators.

What can I expect from you?

We run the SoloCam platform on dedicated cloud hosting which is fast and scalable. Security is a key point, that is why we constantly update our systems. Hacks are not fun. We treasure your privacy! We have implemented contractual clauses for the privacy of our clients. Additionally, we’ve implemented internal procedures that are designed to prevent data leaks and this kind of situation. In a nutshell, we try to provide you the best services in the best conditions. In case you are a white hacker, and find a security issue – we are happy to provide you with a finder fee.

How do I switch to a different price plan?

Just contact us for changing plans! In the near future, you can do this automatically.

How can SoloCam help me to grow my revenue?

We provide you with more than an IT solution. You have at your disposal professional teams of support, IT and even business people. Want to hear more? We will offer you soon educational materials via our blog and university. We release new materials on client demands as well. All your needs will be addressed. SoloCam it’s not just a platform, it’s an entire team that helps you grow on your road to success.

Where can I check the updates done to the platform?

The updates done to the platform can be checked anytime in the ChangeLog section within your Account. You can find it in your Account menu under the point "Others".

Is SoloCam a white label service?

Yes, you can have a customized domain, logo, colors, and so on. In case you want more customization, do not hesitate to contact us. We are an IT company and we provide you with a tool and a team for you to succeed in your live streaming career.

What type of support is available to SoloCam clients?

You are not alone. SoloCam is not just a platform, but also a team that stands behind you. From the beginning, we will guide you through the journey. Not only that, we cover your technical support needs, by managing the maintenance and recurrent updates for all the 150K lines of code. You can contact us through the platform anytime and your concerns will always be addressed.


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